Save our planet, our children's future depends on it...

I grew up in a time where climate change, global warming and its consequences were first starting to be discussed. Fast forward 30 years, I'm now in my forties and we are experiencing its adverse effects. As I type these words, our country is burning. The unprecedented bushfires are an ecological disaster that is ravaging Australia, causing tragic loss of life and land. And this is just the beginning.


Scientists predict* that by 2050 the Earth’s temperature will be three degrees higher, leading to severe, widespread and irreversible damage. Our society will have to cope with multiple disasters simultaneously – low lying areas underwater across the world and parts of our very own country inhabitable due to extreme heat. It is erroneous to think that this threat lies in the distant future so we need not care. It's happening right now. All around us. We need to act.

When my five-year-old daughter was born, I suddenly saw the world in a new light; the awe-inspiring feeling of pure love, the enormous gratitude of being blessed with a life so precious; the overwhelming feeling of wanting to protect her and her future...

The notion of leaving her a broken planet due to our wasteful, negligent lifestyle cut me to the core. What am I supposed to say when she grows up and asks, “How could you know this was going to happen and not do anything about it?”


I knew I had to make a change. As a business owner of a furniture store, I looked inward and asked, “What can I do to help make a positive difference?”

Being in the furniture industry for over 10 years, I was aware of the enormous problem of rubbish/landfill from chipboard furniture designed and manufactured with a short shelf life. Many large furniture manufacturers and retailers actively promote passing trends to create continuous turnover and revenue for their businesses. They urge customers to redecorate their home every season with low-quality goods that are supposedly “on trend” – only to be replaced with even more items the next season.


When I set up B2C Furniture, I made a conscious decision to focus on hardwood furniture manufactured from sustainable forests; hardwood furniture that is built to last a lifetime and designed to be timeless so that the homes it furnishes always looks warm and welcoming for generations to come.

Of course, this all sounds wonderful, but the hard truth is buying ethically made, sustainable goods can be expensive. Most of us simply can’t afford hardwood timber furniture. So, I spent years building relationships with trusted manufacturers so that I didn’t need to rely on third-party buyers to source our products.

By sourcing directly from manufacturers, cutting out the “middle man” and using our online platform to keep overheads low, we are able to supply hardwood bedroom furniture, kids beds, dining furniture & living room furniture at very affordable prices.

Our guiding principle at B2C Furniture is ….


Finally, I thank those men and women who have tirelessly and selflessly put their lives on the line to save our country and its people. We must all band together to make their efforts meaningful.
So that the recent bushfire horrors will never be repeated.
So that we make better choices in our everyday lives to leave a minimal impact on the environment.
So that our children have a better future to look forward to.
It’s un-Australian not to care about our environment.

*Reference: National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Lawrence Livermore, Potsdam Institute.