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Keeping furniture in your homes and out of landfill

At B2C Furniture, we understand the need for quality, long lasting furniture that doesn't come at the cost of the environment. We are dedicated to creating sustainable products that will remain in customers' homes - and out of landfills - for years to come.

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Living a sustainable lifestyle does not have to be at the expense of form or function. Sustainable materials are commonplace enough and easy enough to come by that people needn't compromise on their styling or design choices; there doesn't need to be a correlation between sustainability and expensive, unattainable furniture. Making sustainability affordable ties into our whole business mantra as a 'B2C' organisation, cutting out the middle man and making our products as accessible as possible.

The difference between our brand and our friendly furniture foes is that we have a profound distaste for ‘fast furniture’ with a short lifespan; ultimately doomed to end up in landfill. Sustainability doesn't have to mean compromise; our mission is to prove to consumers that sustainable materials are not only a future-proof alternative to other, less environmentally-friendly materials, but can also fit any and all design aesthetics. Our pieces are designed to be as timeless as they are sturdy, to ensure they stay in your homes for as long as possible; but more importantly that they stand the test of time and span generational styling. We’re pioneering positive change in the way we furnish our homes, one dining table at a time. You shouldn't be penalised for wanting to make a better choice for the future!

Your forever

Our concepts for designs are not formed by current 'crazes'; we craft stylish, contemporary pieces that will have a place in your home for years to come. We're not in the business of producing 'fast furniture', avoiding the need to be replaced after 12 months when the next trend comes around.

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hard-wearing hardwood

Hardwood is the world's most renewable energy resource! Our hardwood furniture is manufactured using Malaysian Rubberwood, as well as Eucalyptus and Acacia. Our Rubberwood timber is certified with the timber industry board in Malaysia (the MTIB), as well as the FSC; this means that there has been an accredited third party recognise that our products and processes are sustainable and environmentally friendly over the long term - how exciting!

sturdy steel

Steel's ability to be melted down and repurposed into just about anything lends itself to be amongst the gold standard of renewables. Sturdy and resilient as steel is, when treated correctly and looked after, you will find that it has a place in your home for years to come.


By using recycled plastics we can help to reduce the volume of waste in our ecosystem and consequently conserve the energy and the resources the manufacturing process takes. It’s all part of our bigger-picture outlook.


Throughout our various different colour and fabric options in our products, there are of course a number of different fabric compositions and life cycles that we go through. The majority of our fabrics are made from natural fibres, and are free from all your predictable no-nos. We have recently identified that some of our current fabrics are weaker points in our sustainability mantra, and have implemented steps to source from other manufacturers and improve our products and processes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

No longer need that tallboy? No worries; slap on a butcher block countertop and some wheels - et voila, you have yourself a new kitchen bench with plenty of drawer space for cooking essentials. It doesn’t matter how it’s re-purposed or recycled (we’re not here to stifle your creative genius), the important point is that our furniture won’t end up in landfill and will ultimately have less of a negative impact on our environment. Read further on to see our in-house recycling and repurposing initiatives.

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Take our Eagle range of outdoor sofas, for example; this is the ideal product for what we are trying to achieve. This particular sofa set is made from 100% Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) recycled plastic, wherein discarded plastic waste is reclaimed, shredded, pelletised, and made into wicker rope - which you can see on this gorgeous outdoor setting. We are always on the hunt for new designs and new processes that can elevate our product selections.

from b to c
across the sea

We’ve chosen to ship our furniture from our overseas suppliers in flatpacks and in containers by sea for a number of reasons. Not only does it keep the transport costs down as the packages are smaller and easier to manoeuvre, but it is also more environmentally friendly to transport goods by sea than it is by air, keeping emissions down where we can.

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Shipping our products flat-packed also reduces the chance of damages during transit, and as a result any subsequent issues for customers - we think it's a real win-win! Flat-packing items also helps us to fit more into our warehouses, maximising our use of available space and minimising our environmental impact through less square meterage. We know many customers would prefer to have their items arrive fully assembled and ready to enjoy, however at B2C we see this as our sustainable ‘trade off’; a small price to pay for a better and more sustainable future.

as usual

As a genuine Business-2-Consumer (B2C) Furniture brand, we know that it's more than just our products that we need to keep in mind on our sustainability journey. Our processes and initiatives in our showrooms and warehouse shape the future of the business - and the planet.

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We know sustainability isn’t just a single point on a checklist. If you happen upon our Alexandria showroom, not only will you be greeted by happy faces and impeccable styling (if we do say so ourselves) but also by our hardwood signage and points of sale, display units fashioned out of steel piping, and a refreshing lack of paper receipts and business cards. Having showrooms and warehouse locations in two states also widens our access for the public, and reduces the need for travel.

We make tough choices to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact of product delivery on the environment. For example, the bulk of our East Coast orders are delivered directly into the waiting arms of our customers by specialised removalist transport companies, rather than couriers – ensuring products are not making unnecessary stops or taking indirect routes before reaching their final destination (goodbye, avoidable carbon emissions and fuel consumption!). We are also making great strides towards improving our packaging - which is currently comprised mostly of sturdy cardboard.

A big part of our business model is also selling floor stock in both our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms. There are a variety of reasons that items will end up for sale as floor stock; customer returns for change of mind or small defects, or excess stock at the warehouse, amongst a few reasons. This prevents these items - that are still fit for purpose - from ending up in landfill or as waste, and gives them a second chance at life with a loving home - at a heavily discounted rate.

Of course, we wouldn't be where we are today without our team of superstars on the ground in Victoria and New South Wales. Social sustainability is just as important to us as environmental, and we take every step towards educating our staff on our purpose and our procedures. We know everyone says it, but our team are our family, and making sure everyone wants to get up and come to work every day and are passionate about what we do is extremely important to us.

our impact

We value the staff and people we have on hand, and see social responsibility as equally important as environmental responsibility. Additionally, we make an effort to collaborate with like-minded businesses, and prioritise charity work and giving back to the community - as well as the environment - wherever possible.

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Cottage by the sea

One of our first collaborations was with a company called Cottage By The Sea, where we worked together to provide them with a number of bunk beds to use for accommodation. The Cottage has been in Queenscliff since the 1800s, providing housing and activities for underprivileged youth both in the local area and around Australia.


Formerly World's Biggest Garage Sale, we are partnered with Circonomy to be able to rehome some of our furniture pieces that aren't fit for sale as new items but shouldn't end up in landfill either. We work with them for items that have been returned by customers, or even damaged in transit on their way to us from our manufacturer, to ensure every piece of furniture has a fair chance at life.

odyssey house

Odyssey House in New South Wales is a program that aids and assists substance affected individuals and their families. They have recently opened their Family Recovery Centre and we provided them with a few furniture items to use in their shared spaces such as the kitchen and living areas. We are so happy to have helped out a cause that allows families to remain together whilst in times of need.

carbon positive Australia

Carbon Positive Australia are pioneering change in the way that we reduce our carbon footprint, by focussing on planting native trees and restoring forests to mitigate carbon emissions. Our partnership with them involves making donations to tree planting to reduce our carbon emissions created through product transportation, bringing us closer to carbon neutrality.

the grass is
(getting) greener

Opportunities to evolve and improve happen every day, and as such our mission is to be aware of our processes and constantly make changes to improve our processing and products wherever possible. We know nobody’s perfect, and achieving and maintaining sustainability is a constant effort. A step forward is a step in the right direction.

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We are aware of the commitment we must make as a business to our sustainability journey. As time passes, more and more options present themselves to us to be able to improve our existing practises and implement changes that will allow us to better our systems and pave the way for a better tomorrow. Our sustainability journey is a work in progress and we will strive to keep this page up to date with our latest efforts and achievements.