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  • Gaudi 7PCE Hardwood Dining Set | Rustic Walnut | Green
    Special Price $1,783.00 Regular Price $3,219.00
  • Oslo 5PCE Hardwood Dining Set | Natural | Beige
    Special Price $1,155.00 Regular Price $2,111.00
  • Gaudi 7PCE Natural Hardwood Dining Set | Beige Fabric
    Special Price $1,783.00 Regular Price $2,705.00
  • Casa 5PCE Extendable Dining Set | Natural Hardwood
    Special Price $2,493.00 Regular Price $4,212.00
  • Items 13-16 of 16

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    Dining Room Packages

    Welcome to B2C Furniture's selection of dining room furniture packages! We've got something for every style and budget, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your home. From classic wood pieces to modern steel sets, our broad range of choices will help you create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests and spending time with family.

    Shop our wide range of dining room packages

    Our furniture packages come with a variety of options to ensure you get the exact look and feel that you desire. Whether it’s a 4-person dining set, an 8-person setup or something in between, we have it all. To make things even better, each piece is designed with quality craftsmanship in mind, ensuring that your furniture will last for years to come.

    We also offer packages that are both stylish and comfortable. Our upholstered chairs provide extra comfort while keeping your space looking great at the same time. Plus, when it comes to colour choices, we've got it covered with over 10 fabric colors available in many of our packages.

    Find the perfect dining room package

    Don't love any of these packages? Feel free to mix and match your own, with our wide range of dining tables and chairs. You can select any of our chairs to match any of our tables, so they sky is really the limit when it comes to our dining packages!

    At B2C Furniture, we strive to provide quality dining room furniture at an affordable price - so whether you're looking for a single table or an entire package deal, we’re here to help! Shop now and turn your house into a home today!