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Area Rugs

Rugs are both functional and fashionable additions to complete any room. Rugs, which add colour, texture, and style to any space, are ideal for tying together existing furniture and decor as well as serving as stand-alone statement pieces. B2C Furniture's treasure trove of rugs will inspire you no matter what your style or budget is! Explore our extensive range from Oriental Patterned rugs to contemporary Scandinavian or Jute Bohemian rugs.

area rugs

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  • Monaco Contemporary Indoor Area Rug
    Special Price $599.00 Regular Price $1,198.00
  • Wren Traditional Floral Pattern Rug
    Special Price $278.00 Regular Price $557.00
  • Suri Distressed Traditional Pattern Rug
    Special Price $358.00 Regular Price $716.00
  • Kenya Diamond Jute Area Rug | Black
    Special Price $418.00 Regular Price $836.00
  • Items 25-28 of 28

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    Area Rugs

    What are Area Rugs?

    Simply said, area rugs are floor rugs that define a space in any room of the house while also providing a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits. You may use an area rug to create a unified frame around your furniture, soften the hard floor underfoot, and add visual appeal.

    Area rugs are an essential component of your chosen home design, serving as a foundation and establishing the tone for the space. But we also can’t overlook their intended purpose to also serve as a form of protection and floor insulation for hard flooring.

    Choosing the right area rug for your space

    Size matters! When choosing a new area rug, measure the space to ensure that it will create the desired aesthetic. They should be as large as feasible in order to integrate the furniture and make your designated interior spaces appear larger. You are creating a space within a space, so aim to have part or all of each key piece of furniture touching the rug. For example, try to allow for your sofa, occasional chairs, and side tables to be on the rug in your living room for a polished look. For dining rooms, a rug that can accommodate all of the chairs as well as the table will make for a grander ambience and take your style game to the next level!  

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