The Exceptional Quality of Our Furniture

At B2C Furniture, we pride ourselves on delivering you the highest quality furniture at unbeatable prices. Take a look at how our furniture stacks up in quality and price.


Solid Timber

All B2C Furniture is crafted from solid timber frames – you won’t find any flimsy chipboard wrapped in vinyl in our store!


Our manufacturing process means that no two pieces of furniture are the same. All furniture pieces are handcrafted with kiln-dried wood.  We then accentuate the timber’s natural features, with each piece having its own distinctive and unique grain patterns and knots.


We use solid timber in all our furniture pieces as this is by far the strongest quality of wood. Many manufacturers and retailers these days have switched to using cheaper plywood or particleboard in construction which only lessens the lifespan and durability of the furniture pieces. We want you to enjoy your furniture for years to come; hence why use only the highest quality solid timber when handcrafting all the furniture you see from us.


Hand Painted Finish

We finish our production process with a rigorous application process completed by experienced craftsmen. This lengthy process includes applying hand painted layers of both paint and stained finishes, allowing us to provide depth of colour and enhance the natural grain of the wood. You can be assured of lasting protection, as all our furniture is then sealed with a hand-applied top coat lacquer.


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