Small spaces can feel like a home-owners nightmare. With less room available to store things, the home often feel cluttered and busy. The great news is there are some little tips and tricks you can use to make the most of small spaces in the home. Here are a few ideas to help make your small spaces feel larger, and help reduce the clutter in your home.


Know What You Need to Store

First up, walk through your home and have an understanding of what needs to be stored. What items appear cluttered or unorganized, what do you often look at and say, “I wish I had somewhere to put this…”. Having an understanding of what items need to be stored will help determine what you actually need to shop for and add to your home. There are so many different storage options out there that it’s important you choose the right one for you based on your immediate requirements.


Maximum Functionality

Following from the first point above, once you know what it is you need to store, you can begin choosing storage solutions based on maximum functionality. What we mean by this is making sure you’re getting the most out of each storage item, and that it will serve your needs.


As an example, let’s assume you need additional space to store your kid’s toys in their bedrooms. Rather than using a toy box or storage tubs, think about selecting a bed which allows for (or comes with) under-bed storage drawers. The benefit of using these is that they allow for more room in the space as the storage is contained underneath the main furniture piece in the bedroom. They don’t have to come at a huge cost – we sell a pair of under-bed drawers for just $150, a great value option that will match the bed and provide heaps of extra storage space.


We also provide under-bed drawer sets for our queen size beds. Again these are just $150 for a set of two and will give you a lot of additional storage for clothes or linen. We find these particularly popular for smaller homes, units of apartments where cupboard space is limited. They match beautifully with the beds and are hidden away under the bed and make perfect use of otherwise empty space.


Alternatively, for extra clothes storage in either your kid’s or master bedroom, think about adding a tallboy.


Mirrors & Glass

Mirrors and glass are an absolute winner when it comes to opening up small spaces. Strategically placed mirrors can elongate the room, making it feel larger and more spacious. Similarly, glass also makes the room feel larger. Try not to obstruct the view from windows with too many coverings during the day. If you’re happy to do a little renovation, you can also consider knocking some walls down and replacing them with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.


If you’re using mirrors, hang them high in the room. Or getting back to choosing more functional furniture, take a look at storage solutions (such as chest of drawers) that have an adjoined mirror.


Myer 5 Drawer Tallboy with Mirror

Image: Myer 5 Drawer Tallboy with Mirror, $324

Also available in Suite with Queen Sized Bed and 2 Bedside Tables, $769


Artwork to Draw Eye Upwards

Whenever you’re styling a small space, it’s important to draw the eye upwards rather than focusing on ground-level. Drawing the eye up makes the room appear larger and more spacious. An easy way to do this is by hanging artwork high on the walls. You can either select one feature piece or a number of smaller pieces to hang. Not only will the artwork add some personality to the room, it’ll also draw the eyes up, making the space feel larger.


 Bond White Single Bed

Image: Bond White Single Bed, $174


Think Vertically

Another idea that helps draw the eye up is using vertical space. This might include ceiling to floor curtains or bookcases and cabinets that are built to the ceiling (or at least high). The use of vertical space makes the room feel elongated. If you have a small kitchen, building cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling is the perfect way to not only make the room feel larger, but also to gain more storage space.


 Using small areas in the home

Image Reference: House Beautiful


Go Big With Less

When it comes to small spaces, people often think they need to choose smaller furniture items – but this isn’t actually the case. It’s much better when styling a small room to choose larger items, but minimize the number of items you choose.


For example, when styling a small master bedroom, keep the room simple with a queen sized bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables. The chest of drawers and bedside tables will also add some storage space to your room.


 Coco Oak 4 Piece Queen Bed Suite

Image: Coco Oak 4 Piece Queen Bed Suite, $749


Choose Lighter Colours

Of course, colours will always help set the tone and mood of the room. Lighter colours make the room feel more open and spacious. So if you’re styling a small space, you may want to first consider giving it a fresh coat of paint in a lighter shade before you start putting the furniture in.


Light colours open up space

Image Reference:


Go Wireless

Our final tip is to go wireless whenever possible. For example, choosing lamps or clocks with wires will help the room look less cluttered, and also makes it a lot easier to move these items around should need be.