So you’ve just bought your first home? Congratulations! It’s a huge achievement and we know how excited you must be to move in! New homes are exciting, not just as it’s your very first place to call your own, but also because you now have a blank canvas to decorate and style; a place you can add character and personality to.


Now, chances are you’ve probably spent most of your money on the deposit, and other conveyancing and home buying fees. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t boast a super stylish home on a tight budget. Take a look at our tips below for styling your first home without a huge price tag attached.


Essentials and Necessities First

It’s so easy to get carried away during your settlement or building period. Walking through the shops, it feels like everything is jumping out saying, “buy me!”. This is where you need to exercise a little self-control and ensure you’ve put money aside for your essentials first. Think about the things you’ll need from day one - a fridge and washing machine, probably a microwave, kitchen utensils (you need to eat!), a sofa, bed, dining table and storage units. The little bird cage statues you love? They can probably wait a couple of months!


When shopping for your large essentials like your fridge, washing machine, sofa, bed and dining table, make sure you have all the correct measurements of the rooms and spaces the items need to fit into. A huge mistake is looking at something without actual measurements and thinking it will fit, only to move in a few weeks later and realise it’s the wrong size. While most sellers would be happy to exchange the item, it is a hassle and will set you back time when you move in. As well as measurements, photos of the rooms can also be helpful to assist in selecting styles that suit the look and colours of the room.


Keep it Consistent

Remember that while you can change smaller design elements of your home to suit the seasonal or yearly fashions, most of your big ticket items will be around for years to come. Choosing consistency within each room and throughout the home will give your home a neat and tidy look, and will help it look “as one”. For example, when choosing your whitegoods, choose your fridge and microwave both in white or both in stainless steel - even better, match them to your oven, stove and range hood. When choosing furniture, go with the same colour and style within your bedroom for your bed, bedside tables and chest of drawers. Choosing a dining suite from the same manufacturer will also give you a similar look in the dining room to your bedroom.


Quality is Key

As we mentioned above, your big ticket items will be around for years to come - or at least you hope they will! That’s why it’s important to choose quality items. Even if you are struggling on a tight budget now, you’ll thank yourself in years to come when your home furnishings still look like new.


When it comes to furniture choices, you should be looking at purchasing solid timber framed units. Anything with cheaper chipboard and vinyl coverings are not built to last, and you will end up replacing these in just a few years (sometimes even sooner if the vinyl lifts due to water damage or heat damage). Chipboard is easy to recognise, and unfortunately is one of the top materials for furniture manufacture today. Give your furniture a once-over to check for any flimsy materials before you buy. And remember to shop around - you won’t know exactly what you can get for the same price (and sometimes even cheaper!) if you take the time to look around.


Styling on a Budget

Let’s assume you have all your necessities covered, and your budget hasn’t left a lot to play with. You still want your home to have a special character and ambience but don’t have the dollars to spend on fancy decorations. In this case, one of the best places to visit is your local Op-Shop. You can often find a range of things in these stores with a small price tag that can really add personality and style to your home. Other than quirky statues and colourful kitchenware, you might also find some funky artwork, cushion covers or throw rugs to add to your home.


Control Clutter

The last tip from us is keeping your clutter under control. Don’t collect meaningless items thinking you’ll use them “someday”. They will only add mess to the home. As well as keeping a check on what’s around the house, make sure you look at purchasing chest of drawers, bedside tables, or other storage units for your bedroom. These items can drastically help you keep your bedroom clean, tidy and de-cluttered, making a much more homely feel.


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