The weather has certainly turned down a few notches over the last few weeks, indicating that it’s time to start welcoming in winter! While the colder months can seem a little dreary, you can bring some life and warmth to your home by bringing in the trending colours of winter. During winter, we spend a lot of time indoors, so now is the perfect time to update your interior colours and bring a fresh look to your home for the coming months. Let’s take a look at what’s in this season, and how to incorporate these colours into your home.


The “in” colours of winter 2015


There’s quite a range of colours that will be seen in masses this winter; and the variety in trending colours means there’s sure to be at least one colour that you’ll just love. This winter you can enjoy everything from natural tones to warmer shades and those with a little fantasy-feel! Here are the top 10 shades to add to your home this winter.




Pantone 17-0627, Dried Herb

A dusky shade of green, this sophisticated, chic and earthy colour is an easy addition to most homes. It’s soft undertones means it can be used without seeming to bold. Dress up your oak-coloured furniture with linen and cushions in this shade for a real earthy and natural feel.


Pantone 16-0110, Desert Sage

Cool and soothing, this grey shade offers timeless sophistication. Neutral enough to fit in, and bold enough to make a statement, this is a great shade for the home. Why not try a throw rug in this colour? It will lift the mood in any room against both wooden oak or white furniture.


Pantone 18-4214, Stormy Weather

Not just great for winter because of its name, this shade which resembles a grey and overcast sky gives a feel of quality and luxury when injected into the home. A strong shade, this looks wonderful as a feature wall. If you’re not daring enough to paint, try incorporating some cushions in this shade. Also looks great in high-pile rugs.


Pantone 16-1144, Oak Buff

Comforting and warm, this shade will warm up your rooms! This colour works to give a warmer, natural look when combined with oak-coloured furniture. Use it with white furniture for a bolder yet still warm and natural statement.


Pantone 18-1438, Marsala

Yes, Marsala, the colour of the year is still trending through winter. This robust yet warm shade looks wonderful around the home. Add a new dinner setting in this colour to bring warmth and life to your dining room over winter, or try curtains in this colour in the bedroom for a sophisticated and inviting feel.


Pantone 18-4726, Biscay Bay

This is a beautiful teal shade which can be reminiscent of a tropical island. With a cool undertone, this is a lovely colour that looks breathtaking against white furniture. Try a doona or linen in this colour. It also looks great dotted around the home with ornaments or candles.


Pantone 19-4326, Reflecting Pond

A composed, trusting and sophisticated blue, this colour can add depth and a feeling of security to the room. Looks very classy against oak-stained furniture while provides a lighter yet sophisticated look when used with whites. Use a vase in this shade, or grab some candles or a dinner setting to add some cool composure to your home.


Pantone 15-1340, Cadmium Orange

Use this warm, energetic and fun colour in large through quilts or linen for a bold statement, or add it in smaller doses through ornaments or cushions for a more subtle yet eye-catching addition to your home. The warmth of this shade is sure to make you envisage the hotter months and bring some welcome warmth into your home through winter.


Pantone 16-2215, Cashmere Rose

This really is the colour that encapsulates those fairy tale dreams. It’s perfect for any little girl’s bedroom but also brings a gentle and softer mood to the living room when used sparingly through cushions.


Pantone 17-3628, Amethyst Orchid

Vibrant, energetic and bold, this colour will certainly bring personality to your home. Big and bold, take this colour to its extreme by using it on a feature wall, or dress it down by placing candles or small ornaments in the colour around your home. It’s also a great colour for vases, as flowers tend to look splendid against the vibrant shade.



And there you have it – the ten top colours of winter 2015. What are your favourites? Which will you be adding to your home this winter?