While, in true “Melbourne-style” we’ve seen everything from 40 degree days to torrential rain over the past three months, we said a big good-bye to our Melbourne summer yesterday. We now welcome in autumn - a season known for its shorter days, colder nights and beautiful landscapes, as the leaves fall from the trees and create a carpet of red and yellow greenery. With the new season ahead of us, we thought we’d take a look at the colour and styling trends you may want to look at adding to your home - and some simple tips and getting the looks for less!


The Colours of Autumn

Autumn marks the start of the cooler weather as we begin to prepare for winter. Traditionally, cooler colours make their mark in this season. This year is no different, and we’re sure to be seeing plenty of grey, navy, blue and black in home styles coming into winter. However, if you love adding a bit of colour to your home, the 2015 autumn will be a plethora of colours - from lighter shades to bold brights! Here’s a glimpse of the colours you can inject into your home this season:


Marsala / Magenta / Maroon / Burgundy

Pantone 18-1438 Marsala was recognised as the 2015 “Colour of the Year”, and it’s certainly sticking around for autumn. In addition to this red/pink shade, we’re also expecting to see maroons, magentas and burgundys make way into homes.


Feature walls make a great talking point in this bold colour. Alternatively, try adding some cushions in these shades to give a little character without any big changes to the home.



 Image Sources popsugar.com / iwork3.us / bubbewisdom.com



In shades from pinks to blues, limes and yellows, pastels will be making waves in housing styles through autumn. Easy to incorporate in almost any room in the home, and they look great against most colour and textures.


Add pastels to your home through wall hangings - either singular or in a set. Another styling trend we love is the use of home-made vases by painting used bottles and jars. Grab some used jars and paint them in pastel shades. They make a great little feature in any room of the home.


Image sources: mylusciouslife.com / wallstudio.com.au



Vivid Red & Bright Orange

If you love bright, bold colours, you’ll just love adding these bursts of colour into your home this autumn. Vivid red and bright oranges are in - and can be used sparingly through the home to create real personality and character.


An easy way to incorporate these brighter colours is through the use of throws or cushions on the bed. Other ways to use reds and oranges could be by placing objects in these colours around the home - like candles or statues.


 Image source: nbaynadamas.blogspot.com.au / thepersonalhome.com



Emerald Green

Relive the magic of The Wizard of Oz with a little emerald inspiration in your home. We love this colour - it looks sharp against white and gives more rustic-styled home a modern lift.


There a heaps of ways to add emerald to your home. From cushions to throws, artwork and statues. We also love the idea of emerald-shaded lamps.






 Image source: recreateanddecorate.com



Now it’s over to you - which colours of autumn do you love? Which match your style?