It’s easy for bedrooms to become dated. Chances are you may have bought your first bed on a whim when you moved into your first home, continuing to buy other furniture items in your bedroom over time so that while they may be the same or a similar colour, they don’t actually match in terms of grain and style. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and therefore turning it into a place you can relax, unwind and recharge is an important step in achieving the right feel and ambience in the home.


Here are our top four things to consider when restyling your bedroom:


Decide What You Want

The first step in restyling your bedroom is deciding what new furniture you need. The bed is the usual first choice, and you should also consider choosing matching bedside tables to achieve the same look. Depending on how much built-in storage you have in your bedroom, you may also want to consider a chest of drawers to help keep clutter down. Deciding on these key bedroom furniture items before you begin shopping is ideal as you can then look for a bedroom suite which offers all in the same style.


What’s Your Style

Next, you need to understand what you are looking for- what’s your style? Do you prefer the clean look of white furniture, or perhaps the more natural look of stained timber. A great idea when thinking about the style you want to achieve is creating a mood board or searching around for inspirations online. Take a look at some of these Pinterest Boards for ideas and inspirations for your bedroom and home styling>


Shop Around

What turns most people off the idea of restyling the bedroom is cost. Depending on where you buy, you could end up spending thousands on products of the same (or sometimes even worse) quality than more affordable options. Take the time to shop around to find exactly what you want at a suitable price tag.


Match Quality with Aesthetics

All too often, we tend to focus on the aesthetics of the furniture in front of us. While this is great - we need to imagine ourselves using and living with this furniture, quality is also a huge consideration when buying. The great thing is that it’s possible to find beautiful, excellent quality, aesthetically-pleasing furniture - it all comes down to shopping around, asking the right questions and knowing what to look for.


The most durable option for bedroom furniture is solid timber, and beds with solid timber frames. Many manufacturers use chipboard or particle board as a substitute for solid timber to save in manufacturing costs. Furniture made from particleboard is usually covered with thin sheets of plastic laminate, vinyl or veneer. While it may look just as solid as timber, particleboard is prone to chipping and flaking, and the vinyl coverings have been known to lift in humid conditions. To ensure your new styled bedroom furniture will last for years to come, choose solid timber. As well as giving you peace of mind and durability, solid timber also provides a more natural look to it, and surprisingly doesn’t have to cost more!


Restyle Your Bedroom For $699

I bet you thought we were joking when you read the headline - that a bedroom could be restyled for under $1,000. Even better, we weren’t talking to your kid’s bedroom, our $699 restyle price refers to this beautiful Myer 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite. This Bedroom Suite includes:

  • Queen Size Bed
  • Two Matching Bedside Tables
  • Chest of Drawers with 6 Drawers
  • Available in White or Oak
  • Just $699 for this Queen Bedroom Suite!



Image: Myer White 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, available online here>



Image: Myer Oak 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, available online here>



If you prefer the more solid bedhead look, take a look at the Coco 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite. This also includes a queen sized bed, two matching bedside tables and a chest of drawers. Available in White of Oak, you can also choose the colour that suits your personal style.


Get this style for just $749!



Image: Coco White 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, available online here>




Image: Coco Oak 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, available online here>



All queen bed suites are manufactured using solid timber frames. Experienced craftsmen hand-apply our paint and stained finishes using a rigorous application process that provides depth of colour and enhances the natural wood grain of the furniture. For lasting protection, all of the furniture is then sealed and applied with a top coat lacquer. In addition, the bedside tables and chest of drawers are delivered fully assembled making it quicker and easier to set up the new furniture in your home.


If you are looking to restyle your kid’s bedroom or guest bedroom, we also offer a range of great value King Single and Single bed suites.


Take a look at our full range, and restyle your bedroom for less!