The “natural” look is one that has been popular for many years. And while this year we are still seeing the “natural” look take precedence in many Australian homes, we’re seeing a shift from the traditional look to a mix between natural and minimalist for what we are terming a “Natural but Clean” style.


The love of natural styles is sure to come from the comfort and warmth it injects into the home. Just thinking about curling up next to a fireplace on a comfy sofa with hot chocolates at hand on a beautiful timber coffee table will probably be enough to start relaxing! While minimalism is a trend pushing its way through the barriers, those lovers of more natural styles are now finding a harmonious mix between the two.


5 Tips for Achieving the look - bringing Natural But Clean into your home


Solid Timber Bases

The first word most people think of when they think of a naturally-styled home is wood - and that’s a great place to start when styling your natural home. Choose furniture in solid timber. This way, the natural grains will be accentuated to provide a warm and comforting natural look. This achieves a better feel than chipboard covered in a wood-patterned vinyl. Depending on where you shop, you should be able to find furniture of the same style wood to use throughout your home - for example, your dining table and chairs, coffee table, lamp table, bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables. Using a similar look furniture in the different rooms will provide a nice free-flowing feel to the home.

 Solid Timber Funriture

 Image: Top - Coco Oak 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, $749 

Bottom - Coco Oak 7 Piece Dining Suite, $649  


Switch traditional for more contemporary designs

Next, when shopping for your solid timber furniture, think about choosing a more contemporary or modern style over more traditional looks. Latest styles today are fostered with minimalism in mind and usually use clean, straight lines that are simple yet aesthetically pleasing.

Myer Oak Queen Bedroom Set 

Image: Myer Oak 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, $699 


Natural Fabrics

When it comes to your sofa, rugs, cushions and other fabrics around the home, choosing natural fibres will help give your home a real natural feel. The big key here is not to go overboard with props (rugs, cushions, table runners etc). Keeping these to a minimum will achieve a more clean, minimalist look.


Neutral tones with splashes of latest-trend colours

As with all interior designs, colours play a huge role in creating the mood and style in the home. To achieve a natural, clean style, look at choosing a predominant base of neutral tones. With a more neutral palette, you can then dress the home up with splashes of the latest-trend colours. This year, these include Marsala and any purple or burgundy shades, bottle green, teal, yellows and navy blues.

Bond Oak Queen Bedroom Set 

 Image: Bond Oak 4 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite, $639 


Add greenery to bring the outdoors in

The final step in achieving a great natural but clean style is bringing some of the outdoors in. How far you take this is really up to personal preference, but anything from living walls or artwork to large pot plants or a greenery dining table centrepieces will help bring your home to life. Nothing speaks natural quite like nature itself, so add some greenery to really top of the style in your home!

Bond Oak King Single Bed 

 Image: Bond Oak King Single Bed, $211