When you consider that the average person spends 8 hours per night sleeping on their mattress, it’s easy to see that the mattress is more than just a piece of furniture. Give you could be spending around one third of your day on your mattress, looking after it, prolonging it’s life and ensuring you replace when necessary will give you more than just a good sleep – but also help improve your health and wellbeing.


Purchasing a new mattress can be exciting and comforting, but it’s important you don’t just place the mattress on your frame and forget it. There are a few easy things you can do to help prolong the life of your mattress and ensure it gives you incredible comfort for years to come. Take a look at these top tips for caring for your mattress – and the signs for when to replace it.



Rotating & Flipping

First up, and particularly important for spring mattresses is rotating and flipping the mattress. You should look to rotate/flip your mattress (making sure it changes directions each time) every month for the first three months. After this, rotations/flipping can be reduced to every three months.


For pillow top mattresses, you will only be able to rotate. Other mattresses (the same on both sides) can be flipped and rotated.


Regular rotation of your mattress is probably one of the most important ways to improve the lifespan of the mattress. It will help provide a more uniform wear of the mattress, adjust the sleeping surface more evenly, maximise comfort and minimise bodily impressions.


Invest in a good bed frame

Secondly, bed frames work hand-in-hand with the mattress to provide a good night’s sleep. Having a old, saggy or unsupportive bed frame isn’t just bad for your mattress (as it will encourage the mattress to sag downward), it’s also horrible for your sleeping comfort! Investing in a supportive bed frame will prolong the life of the mattress and will ensure maximum comfort for you as you rest.


Protect It

Everyone sweats a little during their sleep and while this can be quite minimal (although some people have been known to sweat one litre of water from their bodies each night!), the last thing you want is that sweat to seep into the mattress and attract bed bugs, dust, mites and other nasties. The easiest way around this is to invest in a simple mattress protector. While you can’t throw a mattress into the wash, it’s easy to throw a mattress protector in for a clean every few weeks.


Keep it Clean

Staying on the topic of keeping the mattress clean, another quick way to remove dust, fluff and other dirt from the mattress surface is to give it a light vacuum whenever you change the sheets. While this won’t remove any dust or dirt lodged inside the mattress, it can help ensure any surface dust doesn’t make its way any further!



Mattresses take a lot of wear and tear – as we mentioned above, you could be spending around one third of your day on top of them! Depending on the quality of the mattress will determine how many years you’ll get from it. Generally speaking, the warranty on the mattress will be a good indication of how long the mattress will last. Here are some other guidelines to use to determine when to replace your mattress:


Waking up Sore or Tired

If you are regularly waking up stiff, sore or tired (and not because you’ve just completed a marathon!), your mattress could be at fault. If your mattress is unable to provide the support and comfort you require to fully rest and repair your body through the night, it probably points to a good time to replace it for something new.


Saggy or Lumpy

Is your mattress saggy? Is it lumpy to touch in certain spots? Even with the best care, every mattress will begin to wear at some point. Finding sags or lumps is one of the easiest ways to know that your mattress is on its way out.


Your Partner isn’t Sleeping

If your partnering is tossing and turning through the night, complaining about lack of sleep or tightness/soreness, it’s possible the mattress is not providing the right support. Some really deep sleepers won’t necessarily notice a bad mattress, but their partner will – so pay attention to how your partner is sleeping to help judge when to replace your mattress.



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