While some trends come and go, minimalism in the home has never really gone out of style. This year we’re seeing minimalistic bedrooms really take centre stage when it comes to bedroom trends.


The perfect pick for minimalist bedrooms is the use of white furniture and white walls as a foundation for creating your style. The great thing about using white as a base is its versatility. White matches well with any colour; from reds to oranges, greens to teals, pinks, blues and anything in between. It also takes textured looks well which makes adding character to your bedroom using different textured elements easy.


White minimalist styles are also versatile to suit any home - from family homes to studios and apartment living, you can use white as your base to build from and match with your overall colour scheme. In addition, you can use the white foundation to build different styles in your home; anything from a modern/contemporary look to a more vintage look.


Take a look at these ideas for using your white foundation with pops of colour and texture to create mood and character in the bedroom.


Textured White Wall Paper

Textured wallpaper in white can help add a subliminal, eye-catching style to the bedroom without being overbearing. Wallpaper is well and truly on trend this year which means there are hundreds of different styles you can choose from to create the style you want in your home.


For example, a more modern/contemporary look might use something like these:


Image source: Aliexpress.com


Or for a more modern/vintage look, choose something like this:


Image source: interiorspacedesign.com


Bold Textured Wall Paper

If you’re a lover of colours in the home, you can also use wallpaper to create character in your bedroom with bolder, coloured wallpaper designs. Choose your colour, the texture you like and bring some life to your bedroom!


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Feature Walls

Feature walls work beautifully against white decor to draw the eye and add a bit of spice to the bedroom. Feature walls look great in any colour against white - all the way from black and greys through to reds, purples, greens and yellows. It’s really up to you to choose a colour you love and one that suits your personal style.


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Wall Decals

The drawback to both wallpaper and feature walls is that they require a bit of commitment; changing them every season or every year would be a timely job. Wall decals offer you a similar ability to change the look and feel of the room, but in a more easily removable or changeable way.



Image source: bedroomdesignideas.com



Image source: furniturefashion.com


Exposed Walls

If you’re home has exposed walls in brick or cement, these make a great alternative feature wall, for a minimalist / industrial style. Use these walls to your advantage to give character and mood to the bedroom.



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Like wall decals, we love the use of artwork as it can easily be changed with the seasons or years to change the feel of the bedroom. As well as hanging artwork on walls, you can also use big prints resting on the floor for a modern / contemporary look.



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White foundations are a fantastic base for minimalist homes. White never goes out of date, and colours look striking against its crisp base. While we’ve discussed “bigger” ways to change the look and feel of your white bedroom above, it’s also easy to add pizzazz to your minimalist white bedroom with smaller changes. Think about the use of accent rugs, throw cushions and bed linen. These smaller and easily-changeable items provide the ability to create a seasonally-styled home which is welcoming all year round.