Regardless of how big or little your house or apartment is, storage space always seems to be a problem. We all love a clean and uncluttered home, and having ample storage space can definitely assist in creating this. We’ve been listening to the storage items you’d love to have in your home and are now excited to introduce our new storage range!


Made from solid timber, our storage range provides great space-saving functionality with the quality, durability and reliability B2C are known for. Experienced craftsmen hand-apply our paint and stained finishes using a rigorous application process that provides depth of colour and enhances the natural wood grain of the furniture.  For lasting protection, the pieces are then sealed and applied with a top coat lacquer. Our exceptional quality gives you peace of mind that the pieces will give you years upon years of enjoyment without peeling or lifting (as you may see on chipboard and vinyl furniture sets). 



Blanket Boxes

First up is our new blanket boxes! We have developed three sizes – Single, King Single and Queen to perfectly match with your bed size. While they look great at the foot of the bed, you can also use these anywhere in the house. In addition to the bedroom, blanket boxes are also commonly used in the laundry for dirty washing or a space to store detergents and other cleaning materials, as well as rumpus rooms and kid’s playrooms.


Blanket boxes are the perfect storage item for out-of-season clothes, linen, blankets, shoes, toys and more!


 Coco White Queen Suite

Pictured: Coco White Queen Suite ($749) with Myer White Queen Blanket Box, $299


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Under-Bed Storage Drawers

Probably one of the most unused areas in the bedroom is the space underneath the bed. Our under-bed storage drawers aim to take this space from being highly unusable to being highly functional! Our sets of either two or four drawers provide that extra storage space, perfectly hidden underneath the bed.  Our storage drawers match perfectly with our full range of Myer, Bond and Coco bedroom suites, and are available for single, king single, double and queen size beds.


 Coco Oak Queen Storage Bed with 2 Under-Bed

Pictured: Coco Oak Queen Storage Bed with 2 Under-Bed Drawers, $529


 Coco White Queen Storage Bed with 4 Under-Bed Drawers

Pictured: Coco White Queen Storage Bed with 4 Under-Bed Drawers, $679


 Myer King Single Bed with 2 Storage Drawers 

Pictured: Myer King Single Bed with 2 Storage Drawers, $389


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Perfect for the kid’s, trundles are a great way to add extra sleeping space (or can also be used for storage). These roll-out trundles pack away perfectly underneath the bed; again making great use of the empty and unused space under the bed. Available in single and king single, the trundles match perfectly with our Coco, Bond and Myer bedroom sets.


 Coco White Single Bed with Trundle

Pictured: Coco White Single Bed with Trundle ($389)


 Myer Oak Single Bed with Trundle

Pictured: Myer Oak Single Bed with Trundle ($349) and Single Blanket Box ($199)


View the full range of trundles here>



Why not take a look at the new storage range – available to buy either in store or online, and add some much-needed storage space to your bedrooms!