Spring is a favourite season for many; probably because it marks the end of the cooler winter weather and brings about a fresh and warmer feel to the days. Spring time is a great time to clean out the house, get rid of un-needed clutter, and refresh the look, feel and style of your home. If you’re looking to give your house a much-needed boost for the summer months, here’s a look at some of the hottest interior design colour trends to incorporate this spring.



Bright, summery and energising, this juicy colour can be used to bring a lightness and freshness to your home. Think about adding a few throw-cushions in this colour, or even hang some new abstract paintings on the walls that inject this colour into the room.

 2015 Spring Colour Trends

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There are a few blue’s which have popped up as key colours for this spring. Scuba Blue is the most vibrant of them and even used sparingly, can be a bold and eye-catching addition to your home. Try adding this colour through a floor rug (coupled with other colours or patterned) or through a throw blanket.

 2015 Spring Colour Trends

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Looking at this colour will have you feeling like you’re walking through a field of lavender! Beautiful and soothing enough to be used in quantity and in any room, this is a great colour to incorporate through curtains, floor rugs and even bed settings. Groups of candles and ornaments clustered together also look brilliant in this colour.

 2015 Spring Colour Trends

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The next shade of blue coming out this spring is Aquamarine. Much more subtle than Scuba Blue, this blue is more easily blended into your interior setting. Its subliminal yet soothing shade is perfect for bringing some colour and life to rooms – particularly if your furniture is quite dark.

 2015 Spring Colour Trends

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Well, it wouldn’t be spring without a touch of green! Treetop is quite a bold shade of green which is best when used sparingly. Try adding a little with chair coverings or cushions for a bold spring feel.

 2015 Spring Colour Trends

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This shade of blue will remind you of everything seaside. Its bold colour matches perfectly with white to create that real beachside, sailor feeling. Achieve this look even more by choosing striped blue and white fabrics for rugs, cushions of bedspreads.

2015 Spring Colour Trends


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Add some cheerful, sun-based tones with this shade of yellow. Not too bold, but with enough colour to give a fun yet relaxing beachside feeling. This is a great colour to use for your bed sheets or doona covers – either along or matched with other pastel colours.

2015 Spring Colour Trends 

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Following on with the paler shades is this shade of green. Almost pastel, this is a breezy shade which offers a feeling of open spaces. It looks great paired with black and white, and can really help bring a relaxing touch of life to any room.

 lucite green


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Yes, this colour is here to stay this spring! It has been around all year, and its warm tones make it a great shade for spring time. Make it pop by placing cushions or a throw blanket in this colour against white furniture, or add some ornaments in this shade to your bedrooms.



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This cheerful and colourful shade of pink can be used in much more than just your little girl’s bedroom. Matched with wooden furniture in white or oak, this colour can give a real elegant yet light feel to the room. Try grabbing some patterned cushions which match this colour with shades of yellow, green or blue.

 strawberry ice


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